Screw_Machine_SM.jpgScrew Machining

Key Benefits

  • Modern Equipment
  • Expertly Maintained Single-spindle Machines
  • Highly Trained and Skilled Craftsmen


The heart of our company is the automatic screw machine department with modern, expertly maintained single-spindle machines - able to maintain today's tolerances for plastic materials. Our operators are highly-skilled craftsmen, fully trained to handle setup through production of most plastic materials.


Some of the Items Produced

  • Plastic Washers
  • Plastic Spacers
  • Plastic Nuts
  • Plastic Screws
  • Plastic Connectors
  • Plastic Bushings
  • Plastic Fasteners
  • Plastic Rollers
  • Plastic Insulators
  • Plastic Valve Seats
  • Plastic Back UP Rings
  • Plastic Wear Plugs
  • Plastic Bearings
  • machining.jpgPlastic Seals
  • Plastic Fittings
  • Plastic Pulleys
  • Plastic Retainers
  • Plastic Sleeves
  • Plastic Bolts
  • Plastic Grommets
  • Plastic Gear Blanks
  • Plastic Discs
  • Plastic Shoulder Bushings
  • Plastic Bobbins
  • Plastic Stand-Offs
  • Plastic Retainers